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Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

January 28, 2017

Most people’s profiles really are pretty bad so it’s not hard to stand out. Let's make your profile Linkedin profile amazing!

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Critical steps to make your LinkedIn profile stand out:
1) Get a Pro Headshot
Image Matters - People connect by seeing the person, they feel like they know you
The first thing anyone who interviews you or interacts in any professional way is look you up. Don’t get cute or artsy. Professional photo means professional takes the picture.
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2) Improve Your Headline
The headline is right under your name when you edit your profile. It shows up right under your photo everywhere on LinkedIn when people see you in their search. When people consider connecting with you, and when you reach out to connect with them. A good headline included your current role along with something unique or beneficial about you.
Don’t put thinks like looking for a job. It’s like posting a personal ad that makes you look desperate
This is your marketing tagline so it should be accurate and simple- what’s your promise

3) Update Your Content
Creating content on your LinkedIn page helps you build your professional network faster Helps connect with people who are more aligned with your skills and career goals.

• Think Key words here, completely fill out your profile.
• Use this free valuable space to market accomplishments and experience.
• Include all the industry buzz words for your space and special skills.
• Linked in Let’s you post videos, pictures and tons of additional content if you have high professional quality content add it.

Take a look at my profile and you can steal any of my ideas
While your there, connect with me.

Ok so that’s content- Simple
In a future episode we will talk about how to build your connections faster. If you can’t wait, pick up a copy of my book it’s on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

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