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Career Survival

Career Survival

February 5, 2017

Don't let your career die! In order for your career to suvive you must take a proactive strategy. In this eposide we will explore the Cooper Color Code as it applies to career and personal survival.

Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

Create a Killer LinkedIn Profile

January 28, 2017

Most people’s profiles really are pretty bad so it’s not hard to stand out. Let's make your profile Linkedin profile amazing!

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Critical steps to make your LinkedIn profile stand out:
1) Get a Pro Headshot
Image Matters - People connect by seeing the person, they feel like they know you
The first thing anyone who interviews you or interacts in any professional way is look you up. Don’t get cute or artsy. Professional photo means professional takes the picture.
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2) Improve Your Headline
The headline is right under your name when you edit your profile. It shows up right under your photo everywhere on LinkedIn when people see you in their search. When people consider connecting with you, and when you reach out to connect with them. A good headline included your current role along with something unique or beneficial about you.
Don’t put thinks like looking for a job. It’s like posting a personal ad that makes you look desperate
This is your marketing tagline so it should be accurate and simple- what’s your promise

3) Update Your Content
Creating content on your LinkedIn page helps you build your professional network faster Helps connect with people who are more aligned with your skills and career goals.

• Think Key words here, completely fill out your profile.
• Use this free valuable space to market accomplishments and experience.
• Include all the industry buzz words for your space and special skills.
• Linked in Let’s you post videos, pictures and tons of additional content if you have high professional quality content add it.

Take a look at my profile and you can steal any of my ideas
While your there, connect with me.

Ok so that’s content- Simple
In a future episode we will talk about how to build your connections faster. If you can’t wait, pick up a copy of my book it’s on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle.

We have also started production of the Audiobook version
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Is it time for a job change?

Is it time for a job change?

January 20, 2017

Is It Really Time to Look for a New Job or Are You Being Impulsive?

The decision to make a job change can create a great deal of stress. The last thing you want to do is make a bad decision. In almost twenty years as a headhunter, career coach, and human resources executive, I have developed a framework to help thousands of people make a decision to stay or go. It’s best to know where you stand before you initiate a job search, so get out that mirror and take a look what where you stand:

How is the relationship with your boss?

Research shows that the majority of people don’t leave companies and jobs. They actually leave bad bosses to go to better bosses. It’s not to say if the other three components of this model are bad that you will stay in your job for a great boss, but you need to take a hard look at how good things are and how good your direct leadership is for your career.


What’s your career plan?

If you have been keeping up with my work (, you know I am a big advocate for creating and maintaining a career plan. The decision to leave a company should be grounded in a solid career plan. If you don’t have one, this is a good time to start that process. Another measure of this is to ask yourself if you know what the next step in your career is once you achieve the goals you have for your job. If you don’t have goals and a next step, this would be a pretty clear sign that you don’t have a clear career path at your current employer. It’s time to create one with your amazing boss or update that resume.


How long have you been there?

Job hoppers ultimately become less attractive candidates. If you want more on this, check out a job hopping article I wrote a while back. Generally, there is a major problem if you’re ready to look for a job less than three years after joining a company. While you can get away with this once in your career, it’s better to ask yourself did I make a bad decision? On the other hand, if you been with a company for more than seven years, you may just want to start planning a change even if the other components are not that bad. Staying too long at one company can be a major career killer. 

What is the future outlook for your company?

Now that you have analyzed the other three components that are about you and your boss, it’s time to look at the big picture. What is the future of your company? If things are bleak, you may accelerate your plans; however, if things are looking up, you may want to look for another internal opportunity or work harder to resolve some of the areas previously described.


So now you have the knowledge to go from impulsive to calculated. These four components work as a system. Sometimes one is a deal breaker, but often it’s the totality of the picture that drives your ultimate decision. The final piece of advice I will give you on making the decision is from Yoda. “Do or do not. There is no try.” If you make a decision to find a new job, stick to it and get it done. Don’t be dissuaded by challenge or adversity. It’s hard work to drive your career forward. If you make the call to stay, work hard and stick it out. Going back and forth or worse, interviewing and accepting a counter offer to stay, is another major career killer


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